8 thoughts on “Guestbook

  1. Much love to a friend and teacher. Many fond memories and witnesses looking upon us (James, Vincent and Rosemarie Harding…). Thank you ~ sister Grace. God bless you!


  2. Grace you are a true inspiration – you’ve given so much to the world; your legacy will go on. I met you at the Boggs Center in May 2014 (a lifetime highlight for me!) and then returned to Detroit for New Work, New Culture in October. I was so moved, I wrote a movement song! It has been recorded and made available just this week in your honor. Thanks to you, we are moving from rebellion to revolution. Thanks to you, “we are strong”:


  3. Much love, enduring high respects and our prayers for your continued best health for always. Thank you for teaching us by example that we can do much without commodities and material goods, and simply tending Mother Earth, growing our souls and feeding our bodies with good organic produce. Take care, Grace from Prosy Delacruz in Los Angeles, with Enrique and a new grandbaby of ours, our APO…


  4. To someone that I know only from a distance and only in the last few years. Her courage and intelligent inspiration brought us all to ourselves. Thank you Grace.


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